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Massage Introduction


anh_massa1Ngoc Lan Massage is the moderate combination of the Vietnamese traditional art of Xoa Bop and the massage art of Hong Kong and Thailand. With 20 years of experience, it is a well-known service in the heart and mind of Customers. Coming here, you will see the skillfulness of technician with Hot Stone Massage, European Massage and especially and uniquely in Ngoc Lan Hotel, “Chinese Herbal Medicine Massage” consulted by Chinese Oriental Medical Doctors who have many years of experience in Chinese traditional herbal medicine treatment, which helps customer to relieve pain on articulation and bone, to reduce stress and increase healthiness. Ngoc Lan Massage will bring to Customers moments of comfort and relaxation. Besides, Ngoc Lan Massage will diversify and richen new services in Beauty Salon, which always brings to Customers pleasures and eases when coming here.


anh_massa2After stressed and tired long journeys or returns after working, would you please come to Ngoc Lan health care service area! With young, beautiful and skillful technician girls, you are welcomed warmly and have feeling of relaxation and health recovery.

Working time:
Open: 9:30am everyday
Close: 24:00pm everyday.


Body massage: activating the nervous system, regulating the body thru acupuncture point along backbone pressing for relaxing, moderating and balancing body.

Foot massage: activating the meridians in the legs by pressing the acupuncture point in the sole, cheeks and instep of foot, helping to stimulate  respiration, digestion, excretion, blood tonic, blood stimulus,  reduction of rheumatism, arthritis Sauna – Steambath – Jacuzzi: help relaxing, reducing stress, moderating the body into balance status.

Hot gravel pool & Water – jet corridor:  stimulating and impacting on acupuncture points for creating comfortable and relaxing feelings. In addition, there is a beauty salon providing beauty services such as hair washing, mask covering, toenail and nail caring, face massaging,ect.


Being invested to renovate and build newly the entire salon, it expresses the luxury and style of Japan. Tranquility and harmony create a complete relaxing space for Customers. With the Thermal Body Therapy, it keeps warmth and saturates body temperature. Being combined with unique “Hot Stone Therapy  Massage” , it creates good effect on reducing stress.
- Body Massage : 150,000VND/60’
- Foot Massage:   150,000VND/60’
Plus bonus: Hair washing and face massaging

Buy 4, Get 01 Free


Herbal Medicine Massage::

Herbal Medicine:  230,000 VND/70 minutes
European:           180,000 VND/ 70 minutes
VIP Room:         300,000 VND/hr – 400,000 VND/2hrs
It relieves pain of bones and joints and is consulted by famous Chinese oriental medical doctors, uniquely in Ngoc Lan Hotel.

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